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Product Development Services

Trunix has been in the sector of software and hardware product development for a long time and has helped Telecom and Networking products manufacturers across the wired and wireless products. We have always exceeded our customer expectations in design and development of products at outperforms the market needs.

With our innovative development approach, our customers can overcome the time to market risks and R & D cost. We provide end to end solution in product development in the areas of conceptualization, design & development, product evolution and product sustenance across domains like:

  • Broadband infrastructure products (Modem, PON, etc.)
  • IP networks (Switches, Routers, etc.)
  • IP Security (Firewalls)

  • Processors: ARM, Renesas, Atmel, Intel, Microchip
  • RTOS: Embedded Linux, Proprietary micro-kernels
  • TCP/IP & Routing: IPv4 & v6, PPP, Mobile IP, SSL/TLS, SSH, L2TP, QoS, RSVP and others
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, WLAN